Grange ROC Property

Property developers, builders and financiers.

Better together

Grange ROC Property is a collaboration between Grange Resources and ROC Built.

Grange Resources (GRR on the ASX) is Australia's oldest and most experienced magnetite producer - operating the largest integrated iron ore mining and pellet production business in the country.

ROC Built is a boutique Melbourne-based property developer with a proven record of delivering bespoke, premium residences.

End to end

As developers, builders, and financiers of our projects we are responsible for their delivery from start to finish.

We're integrated in every step of the process, giving us the control and oversight to deliver a premium product with our signature eye for detail.

Big thinking

Having successfully run the premium magnetite producing operation in the country for decades we're no stranger to complexity.

We've got the project management experience and vision to deliver on time and to budget, no matter the scale.

Quality unmatched

We provide outstanding results using sustainable building methodologies and unsurpassed service.

Grange ROC Property residences are first and foremost for the people that use them.