Grange ROC Property

Property developers, builders and financiers.

A partner you can trust

Founded on the principles of quality and attention to detail - we focus on custom, high-end residential constructions.

Grange ROC Construction (GRC) prides itself on executing projects which exceed expectations and realise architectural vision.

GRC is actively looking for joint venture partners. With our ability to finance construction, manage development, and build through to completion we present an ideal partner for any project.

Financial strength

Our robust position is the result of our committed, conservative approach to national growth, with a clear focus on building our economic capacity.

The trust others have in us has been well earned, and we have the financial backing that banks and clients need to feel secure.

Safety and Quality

We pride ourselves on achieving and exceeding quality benchmarks on all our projects.

We do this not only through appropriate systems and procedures, but by instilling a culture of greatness within our project teams and subcontractors.


We know Australia's cultural heart because we're locals. We have the relationships with suppliers and trades you need to execute at the highest level.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information about becoming a joint venture partner.